TAPAS EAST*Vegetable Samosas
with fresh mint & tamarind sauce
Rp. 32,000

Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll
Fresh spring vegetable & chicken with coriander lime dip.
*Vegetarian or chicken
Rp. 37,000

Spicy Thai Fried Chicken Wings
with fresh chilli & coriander
Rp. 37,000

Crispy Fried Shrimp Wonton
with sweet soy sauce
Rp. 37,000

Balinese Fish Sate Lilit
on lemongrass skewers
Rp. 39,000



*Champignons Al Ajillo
Mushrooms, garlic, fresh parsley
Rp. 35,000

*Grilled Marinated Fetta Cheese
wrapped in banana leaf
Rp. 45,000

Beef meatballs in traditional tomato sauce
Rp. 45,000

Spicy Chorizo Sausage
with sautéed onion & chilli in tomato sauce
Rp. 45,000



*Asian Slaw Salad
shredded cabbage with mango and papaya, fresh mint, coriander, caramelized cashew nuts & sweet lime dressing
Rp. 43,000

*Grilled Vegetable Salad
bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, feta cheese fresh basil & kalamata olives in balsamic dressing
Rp. 52,000

Greek Salad
Rp. 60,000
Add Grilled Chicken Rp. 17,000 | Add Crispy Fried Calamari Rp. 21,000 | Add Grilled Tuna (sashimi grade) Rp. 25,000

French Bread Rp. 10,000
Coriander or Plain Rice Rp. 10,000



Famous Laughing Buddha Soup

Crispy Wonton or Bakso Noodles Soup
Crispy fried shrimp dumplings or fish balls choysum, shitake mushroom & egg noodles
Rp. 52,000

Soto Ayam
Spicy lemon chicken soup with egg, bean sprouts, crispy potato & rice noodles

*Vegetarian Ramen Japanese
silken tofu, choysum, shitake mushroom & egg noodles
Rp. 52,000

Seafood Laksa
Seafood, tofu, bean sprouts and noodles in spicy coconut soup
Rp. 60,000 | *Vegetarian Rp. 52,000

Tom Yam Goong
Spicy sour broth with prawns & mushroom served with fresh coriander rice
Rp. 60,000

Green or Red Thai Curry
Fish or chicken in Thai style curry with eggplant & long beans
Rp. 60,000 | Rp. 52,000 (*Vegetarian)

Thai Fried Rice or Noodles
Rice noodles with shrimp, tofu, masted peanuts, bean sprouts & fresh coriander Rp, 52,000 | *Vegetarian Rp. 47,000



Chicken & Bacon Salad
with creamy dijon mustard dressing
Rp. 52,000

Grilled vegetables, basil pesto & feta cheese
Rp. 55,000

Grilled Tuna
with wasabi mayonnaise & crispy greens
Rp. 60,000

*Fetta Cheese, Grilled Zucchini & Sun-dried Tomato
with sour cream, tomato salsa & mozarella
Rp. 55,000

Chilli Con Carne
Beef chilli with fresh coriander tomato salsa, sour cream & melted mozzarella cheese
Rp. 60,000 | Rp.55,000 (Vegetarian)

Shrimp, calamari and tuna in traditional fresh tomato sauce & mozzarella
Rp. 65,000

Spicy Chorizo & Roasted Red Pepper
with red wine, tomato Sauce & melted mozzarella served with sour crème and coriander tomato salsa
Rp. 65,000

All Quesadillas are served with sour cream and coriander tomato salsa



Coolers Rp. 29,000
Lemongrass Ginger Lemonade
Passion Fruit & Banana
Tropical Medley, Papaya Lime,
Fresh Lime on Ice,
Pure Tangerine Juice



Berrilicious, Mango & Mint,
Banana & Passion Fruit,
Chocolate Vanilla,
Ginger Lemongrass & Honey



Warm Chocolate Pudding Cake
with chocolate sauce
Rp. 35,000

Seasonal Fruit Tart
Rp. 30,000

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
Rp. 12,000

  • takeaway & delivery from 9am to 9pm (last orders 8pm)
  • delivery within 3 km of central Ubud.
  • minimum order Rp.50,000
  • charge Rp.5,000

Parties & Catering

Birthdays, reunions, hen or stag nights, farewell parties, whatever the occasion we are here to make it a night to remember. With menu’s designed to meet your needs and all the details taken care of, you invite the guests and we’ll do the rest!

Email or text/call us on +6282145245199 for more info.

*Vegetarian options | Prices are subject to 16% government tax and service